What is your HTML Editor of Choice?

I've found that many HTML Editors are too robust for email coding - where simple really is better.

I had been using Gridinsoft's Notepad Lite for over a year - I really enjoyed how it color-coded your <table> <td> and <tr> tags different colors, whereas most other editors seems to color all three tags the same.

After upgrading to a new version of Notepad Lite, I was disappointed to see that this color coding has been removed!

What is your HTML Editor of choice for creating HTML emails? Do you know of any that offer color coding options for the different table tags?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Having recently switched to Mac full-time, I'm loving TextMate. It's been a nice replacement from HomeSite, which i used on the PC previously. I'm with you, I prefer as simple an interface as you can get when editing my XHTML and CSS.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I also use  TextMate, as well as the all in one special Coda.

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bb_matt, 9 years ago

For emailers, an old copy of Dreamweaver MX, for everything else, vim or Notepad++

Older versions of Dreamweaver MX are simply perfect for Newsletter design, as I've found old school coding techniques achieve the widest success rate across the various email packages. A combination of table layouts, old font tags combined with inline styles ensures your layouts render correctly.

Most of the other HTML work I do is template snippets, or static layouts for our programmers, so Wysiwyg editors are of no use.

Generator, 9 years ago

I agree with bb_matt - especially as we now have the inline styles 'convertor' feature.

gjhead gjhead, 9 years ago

I use Dreamweaver for most of my main coding these days, however I still keep Homesite open on my PC and will have BBEdit open on my Mac. (I use Macs at work and PC's at home).

I never heard of Textmate before - I'll have to check it out.  I still think Homesite was the best editor ever...

g. jason head
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Front End Web Developer, Smith Brothers Agency [smithbrosagency.com]
Diana Diana, 9 years ago

I'm a big fan of Homesite, it's generally one of the first things I install when I get a new computer.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
rikahlberg, 9 years ago

Since I do my design work on a Mac, I use BBEdit for all of my HTML coding. It's not WYSIWYG, which seems coutner-intuitive, but it lets me get the code right and preview in whatever browser I want. Makes my life much easier than an annoying editor that tries to rewrite my code all the time (hello, iWeb?).

rockyshark, 9 years ago

Since I have a foot in each camp these days (PC desktop at work, and a macbook that goes everywhere with me) I'm using Apatana. Cross platform, and you can install custom colour codes so it can look like DW (Or whatever you want it to).

Haven't used Homesite in years - that was a great progie. Is it still being developed?

trif3cta, 9 years ago

I use skEdit, which is essentially a poor man's Textmate. Highly recommended.

For email coding, Dreamweaver helps sort out the mess of tables required to lay things out.

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