Authenticated Email getting blocked by gmail (but only on one account)

I authenticated an email through campaign monitor on Friday and am trying to send an html blast out, but it keeps getting blocked by gmail in testing. When I choose a different authenticated email that my company uses for our email blasts, the email does not get blocked? Thoughts? It's not the content of the email, but rather something to do with the 2 email accounts. The one that is getting blocked is from a relatively new domain, and is still on Spam Eating Monkey's 10 day and 15 day lists. Would this effect it?

I can send regular emails from this domain to gmail without them hitting the junk filter.

JD JD, 3 years ago

Hello! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with a specific email address for your campaign. Its a good bet that the list being on Spam Eating Monkey's 10 day and 15 day Blacklist, may be causing Gmail to junk those. As that is an RBL, you'll probably want to contact them to see if you can delist it and then test again: I hope that helps, but if you're still having trouble, drop us a line here!

Campaign Monitor Support
asayer13, 3 years ago

Is there anything I can to get past the filter in the meantime? Would authenticating through campaign monitor work?

asayer13, 3 years ago

Still working on this and not getting much response from customer support at this point. I literally have 2 identical campaigns. The authentication is "Authenticate all emails for me", so what I'm being told is the sending address should have 0 impact on the filters, but it is. One is flagging and one isn't and the sole difference is the sending email...

I can't believe there is no phone support. I may be making the smallest mistake, but it's taking forever to get emails back and forth.

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