Suppression list functionality


I am not really sure that I understand workings of SL correctly.

OK. If my list uses suppression list, everything is clear.
Except maybe how many soft bounces put a recipient on a suppression list?

But, what if I my list does not use suppression list:

1. Are hard bounces, soft bounces and spam reports for this list still transfered to SL?
2. Are imports to this list still checked against SL?
3. Are recipients in this list still anyhow affected by SL?

If I then switch back to using SL for this list:

1. Why do I have an option to clean this list against SL? Is this not automatically done? I mean, if there is a recipient on SL list, then this recipient is automatically removed from ALL lists?

2. In which case there can be a recipient on SL and still on a particular list?

Thank you for all clarifications!


alanhenson, 9 years ago

I also have a question regarding Suppression Lists.

I'm new to Campaign Monitor so may be missing something obvious!

An new mail address has appeared simultaneously ( same date) on the Subscriber List & the Suppression list.

This can only be as a result of a customer subscribing so how  / why would it appear on both lists?

Regards Alan

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