"Intelligent sending" - any chance of this?

A (rather expensive) UK based ESP offers a feature called "intelligent sending".  For example if you schedule a campaign for 6pm it will choose the best time to deliver it for each recipient, over the following 24 hours. The more history there is the more optimised it will be.
Eg. If subscriber A has a history of opening mainly at around 7pm it will send to them at 7pm. 

Clearly this is no good for time sensitive campaigns, and there is an on/off option.

Really pleased with recent innovations from CM, and not planning to jump ship :-) , but what are the chances of us having intelligent sending?  It really would be the icing on the cake.

Carissa Carissa, 3 years ago

Hi Julian!

I'm glad to hear something so fancy as intelligent sending isn't enough to tempt you away from us!

It would be really great to add something like this, and I've added your vote for it. I can't say it's on the horizon just yet, but we are definitely working in that direction—smarter segmenting and sending. We'll be sure to let you know if it's coming soon.

Keep the feature requests coming :)

Campaign Monitor
expertiseontap.co.uk expertiseontap.co.uk, 3 years ago

Thanks Carissa!

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BenjaminGraphics83 BenjaminGraphics83, 3 years ago

A company I used to work for offered a similar service.  It's actually funny to hear now that a UK outfit offers it too, since the CEO claimed this was 'patented'.

However, with Priority Inbox, Mobile First, and other changes in the email landscape, is this even a competitive feature anymore?

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