Displaying All Customer Information and Lists Subscribed too


I've have about 10/12 lists where people can be subscribed across several lists... all of the lists have the same custom fields...

What I want to do is to email all of the people in the lists to confirm their information. I understand that I can do this using a link to the preference center, but I want to include a reference to their names, email addresses and custom fields (I've done that using the personalisation tools in the editor), but I want to know if it possible to bring in a list of the email lists that they are subscribed to...

Any thoughts?


Carissa Carissa, 3 years ago


You might consider organizing the lists another way in order to accomplish this:

Rather than using separate lists (each having separate Preference Centers), you could have just one list and use a custom field [multiple-options (can select many)] to record which types of emails your recipients want to receive. Changes made in that one list's preference center would allow them to change their own settings at any time - effectively sign up to or opting-out of the various types of emails.

Important note when using this method—clicking the Unsubscribe link in a campaign would remove them from the master list, and thus they'd be opting-out of all emails. In order to clear up any confusion, the text in this campaign and future ones can (primarily) direct them to change which emails they receive via the Preference Center link, or (secondarily) direct them to unsubscribe via our instant link if they really don't want any further emails. The visual priority of the first option is key.

This doesn't work for everyone, but sometimes it can be a much simpler solution.

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dt99rrc, 3 years ago

Hi Carissa,

That won't work as the lists are all linked to sections of a CRM and apparently that's the only way we can get the data...

Is there no way to display all of the lists??


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