Countdown Timer that works in Outlook

I'm trying to put together an email with a countdown timer that animates in Outlook.

Movable Ink ( has a countdown timer that works with Outlook, but I wasn't able to determine how they're making it work, and I don't have the option of using their service. The timer in the email I saw ended, so the animation is no longer viewable, but the image where the timer was located (that now says "Expired") is a PNG, not a GIF, which I found puzzling.

I tried MotionMail (, which would be great, but it didn't work in Outlook. The other services I've seen look like they all use the same method (dynamically generated animated GIFs), so I'm not hopeful that those would work either.

Does anyone know how Movable Ink does their animated countdown timers, or know of any animated countdown timer method that works in Outlook?

jimmenycricket jimmenycricket, 3 years ago

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