datarepeater error - Invalid site URL or no feeds


I'm getting this error when using the datarepeater tag within a template although the src url shows a RSS2 fine to me. The url for the arc attribute is


Phil Phil, 3 years ago


This is a bit puzzling. We have a small internal proxy server that we use to handle the parsing of these URLs, and unfortunately transparency on that isn't fantastic, so at the moment it's a little tricky for me to see exactly what's going wrong.

I did some experimentation, and found that if i introduce a layer of indirection the feed parses fine. ie if you simply use this link as your feed it will work fine. It redirects straight to your feed.

I would love to explore this with you a bit further, so if you could send in a support request it would be fantastic.

terryt terryt, 3 years ago


Sorry for the issues here! It looks like what happened is that somehow when we downloaded it stored in our cache that there were no feeds at that address. This particular cache will persist for a few days so it means that we just looked up the result we had in our cache and replied back that there were no feeds at that address.

What I did was I cleared our cache for that address and then everything worked fine. How our cache was able to get into the state it was is something I'll look into, but for now your issue should go away.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

Terry Tice

Terry Tice
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