Competition Approach- Unique ID for subscriber coming out of email?

Hi Guys,
I'm planning to run a competition using campaign monitor as the advertising medium.
I'd ideally love the link coming out to the competition page to be unique. I know you can't use the subscriber's GUID but I was wondering if you can partially obfuscate the email address or at the very least url encode it so I could do something like<url encoded email address> or ideally <guid>

I was going to use a custom field and have a GUID if I couldn't url encode their email but can I look up a subscriber based on a custom field value or would it be a matter of retrieving all subscribers from the list in one api call then filtering in the application by custom field?


ChrisB ChrisB, 3 years ago

Hi Tom,

Thanks for checking in again! We've replied to your email, but I wanted to share the details here as well. Unfortunately, there is no way to search for a subscriber via a custom field currently. You would have to pull the whole list, then programmatically filter out what you're looking for.

I'm sorry we don't have better news for you on this front, but I have added a vote to a logged feature request on your behalf!

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