Footnote-related* characters^ in subject† lines?

If I have a special offer in an EDM with terms and conditions, I need to denote the T&Cs with a character:

    Bonus box of chocolates with every bunch of flowers^

and have a footnote which details the terms and conditions:

    ^ While stocks last, one per customer

Is there likely to be a problem with adding these characters specifically in Subject lines? Might it cause false positives for spam?

And if there is likely to be a problem, is it OK legally to leave these characters out of the Subject, as long as they're included in the email's body text?

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hey JohnHorner,

Thanks for your question here and while I can't unfortunately confirm the legality of omitting the related T&C character in your subject line, I don't believe including a Caret symbol for instance (which is the ^ symbol) would cause your campaign to be junked as a result, so you should be fine here, however to help you out, I've actually also just gone ahead and have added 500 email credits into your account, which will allow you to run a design and spam test for free if you wish, so perhaps give that a go and see how it fares :)

On the note of spam filters, you may also be interested to read our recent "Gmail’s message to email marketers: Focus on engagement" article, which encourages senders to concentrate on ensuring that their readers engage with their campaigns, which in turn can help to ensure you avoid that pesky spam filter as a result.

Hope that helps!

JohnHorner JohnHorner, 3 years ago

Thanks for the credits! I have read that Google article and I think we're doing well, but we had a concern about special characters. I think special characters replacing letters in the middle of words would cause problems because people write "VI@GRA" and so on, but spam filters should be smart enough to know that use of them as footnote indicators is legitimate.

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