Getting total subscribers of all lists


I'm using the .net wrapper of campaign monitor.
I'd like to ask if there is a SINGLE call which retrieves all lists including the summary of subscribers in it. (Same data like visiting the "Lists & Subscribers" link via web browser).

ATM I'm looping 2 times, once to get the list ID's, then calling Stats().TotalActiveSubscribers for each given list ID.

Of course it's terribly slow, am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance,

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 3 years ago

Hey Chris,

There isn't a single method which shows all lists including the total active subscriber count. However, I've just added those comments to our feature request list as something to consider.

The only way to get this data would be to do exactly what you're doing. Out of interest, which method are you calling to get the total subscriber count?

Another option that would help speed up the process would be to cache the details in your app. You could either set this up to check for new updates every x number of minutes. Or maybe update those stats periodically in a background procedure.

For a bit more details on .NET caching, check out:

I hope that helps!

pixelschaos, 3 years ago

While inside the loop which gives me the list ID's i'm using:

int subs = new List(auth, ListIDhere).Stats().TotalActiveSubscribers;

Doesn't make a difference using it in a locally stored array of list ID's

7grafix, 1 year ago

Do you have any PHP example how to loop through all the available lists?

I need a solution to fetch the total # from all the activate subscribers from all lists from a client.
My code is working for 1 specific list at a time and for 1 client at a time.
But I need it to loop through all clients one by one
-> fetch the total
-> update data in CRM to make correct invoice
-> next client


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