Telephone Numbers.

Hi Guys,

I have imported a test list with a field for Telephone numbers, but I can't seem to find the information in Campaign Monitor when viewing the subscribers.

I know we can't export the telephone numbers (that feature is on its way, right?) but there is a way of viewing them online isn't there?

Thanks in advance

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Sure, just click on the subscriber's email address and you'll be able to see all that subscribers details, as well as your complete sending history with that individual.

mbn_pr, 9 years ago

Ah, found it. Thanks.

These can't be viewed by the Client report access though can they?

Can you confirm if you are working on these numbers being able to export? It would be a useful feature as we'd like to phone the people who opened the email to follow-up on it.

Thanks again

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