Email tag - solved changing link color GMAIL (work around)

I figured out a way to work around the GMAIL issue of coding your links blue for the "email" (with square brackets)  personalized tag. I tried adding a class to the span I had around it and other various things but nothing would work. The darn default blue was overwriting my email (with square brackets) link.

I've done the typical
a href="" style="color:#ccc"

and that works great but when it's drawn in dynamically, it gets tricky. It's hard to pin point that CSS because GMAIL overrides the CSS with it's CSS.

Left out "<" and ">" because it wouldn't post (topic)
So I tired this:
a style="color:#fefefe;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none;" href="mailto:email"
"squarebracket" email "squarebracket"
above the tag "email" needs square brackets but I was having trouble posting this topic with them in.

and it worked. I would suggest testing this on your platforms. In my case, I didn't really want it to show as a link because it is not like the subscriber is going to click it and email themselves. I just wanted it to display as normal text. This did the trick and when tested in GMAIL and YAHOO (never had an issue with the link in Yahoo, the span I had worked) the mailto: email link did in fact have the correct email. Looks like it grabbed the correct database email within the href.

Well hopefully this works for someone out there. The blue link color was only happening in GMAIL. I needed to change it because the background color was dark so the default blue link was unreadable.

kara.shapiro, 3 years ago

In the above every instance of email needs to be {email} BUT with square brackets [ and ].

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