Trouble passing date custom field.


I'm a very novice programmer and slowly tinkering until things work.

This is what I want to do:

1.  I add new distributors of our products email into an autoresponder form on my webpage to add them to a list.

2.  They get a series of emails on that list until they order.
3.  Every day I run a download from our shopping cart of orders and I compare that csv to the signup list using the api.
4.  Any email that matches an order with an email on the list is removed from that list and added to a new one.

All of the above is working wonderfully.

The problem:

On the new list I now want to send an email 3 weeks after they have switched lists.  I created a custom date field called added, but I just can't figure out how to pass a custom field date update with the api.

This is what I have tried:

$data = '';
$today = date("Y--m--d");
//$today = date("Ymd");

        // Add the subscriber to ordered list
        $add_result = $ordered_wrap->update( $data , array(
            'CustomFields' => array(
                    'Key' => 'added',
                    'Value' => $today

var_dump( $add_result );
echo $today;

My response is:

object(CS_REST_Wrapper_Result)#9 (2) { ["response"]=> string(0) "" ["http_status_code"]=> int(200) } 2014--06--05

I'm stuck at this point and really not sure how to proceed, can anybody help?


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