Yahoomail Email Not Centered and Contents Alignment Issue


I'm having a strange issue with Yahoo, where my email is not centered and some contents goes way to the left. I'm using background images and want this to be absolutely centered.

Here is the template zipped with images and html.



paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey Tahir, thanks for posting in the forums!

We have also noticed that email campaigns in Yahoo are now showing up on the left hand side and the full width of the outer table isn't shown.

Thankfully we have worked out a neat little fix to ensure the email is centred okay. To set that up, you should add the following style to the 100% width table that wraps around your content:

table-layout: fixed

You also need to make sure you align the table to the center, but you already have that setup okay, your table would look like this:

<table height="100%" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center" style="table-layout:fixed;">

Although this fixes the main problem there, this won't help with the images shifting across. This is caused because you are using a colspan for the main image. This doesn't appear to be working well together with the VML code, but if you are able to remove the colspan and use nested tables instead, you can then apply padding to table that holds the secondary background image, like so:

<td background="images/bg2nd.png" width="630" valign="top" height="1510" style="padding: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">

I ran some tests and that looked okay, feel free to contact support and we can help further!

Thanks again!

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mtkhan mtkhan, 3 years ago

Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot for providing such amazing tips, absolutely spot on.

I was going to try removing the colspan but was very much upset with recent yahoo results which would make the email shifted to right &  the table-layout: fixed is a silver bullet.

Thanks again.


CourtFantinato, 3 years ago

There are issues with table-layout in Android (default) Mail, and Gmail with a smaller window.

In Android the background colour on the table wrapper gets cut off by the table-layout, so you need to have 2 wrappers - the outer one with table-layout, and an inner one with the background colour.

However, the problem with Gmail is on a smaller screen the right side of your email will get cut off by white. Toggling table-layout on and off with the Inspector in Chrome you can see that it is the cause. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a solution yet.

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