"BounceDomains" often useless

In "Bounce Summary", "BounceDomains" is a simple extraction of bounced addresses domains.
But it's totally useless to have personal domains like ihavemydomain.tld, companydomain.ltd in this list.

Some (rare) ESP give the real MX provider thereby giving a usefull and briefer list.


Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 3 years ago

Hey! Thanks for the feedback here!  Although it's a little harsh to say the list of bounced domains is often useless, as it does give a very good overview on which domains have a high number of bounces, giving you a heads up if there could be a delivery issue to a specific Domain/ISP.

The MX details provided do give some additional information, but it's very common for users to use the same domain for their MX server.  For example, ihavemydomain.tld may well use an MX server ihavemydomain.ltd. So the MX list could end up being very similar to the existing Domain list.

However, it is something that I've added to our feature request list.

Thanks again for your feedback!

talvins, 3 years ago

Yes,  it's a little harsh :) List of bounced domains is totally usefull when domains are familiar, renowned. It's thanks to this list that I saw a big problem few months ago ; problem solved by CM with the domain concerned. But it was a big french email provider.

Most of the time, MX reveal the real email server. And, yes, it's sometimes a dedicated server, not a big provider.

zohaa, 3 years ago

Should I supose to edit the whole HTML/CSS or do you have premade templates to provide?


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