Can't wrap my head around whether or not this is possible: AutoRespond

We're thinking of using CM to help us manage service feedback from our clients.

I had thought we could set up an auto-responder, i.e. customer is added to list and gets email x days later saying 'leave us a review'

but (and this could be rare) some of us could sell the different things to the same customer at very close intervals...

Would the customer only receive one autoresponder?

Could we set it up so an email went out to them - for both purchases - and keep things automated somehow?

Really limited on what we can do with the API - simply because our Dev team are busy on lots of other paying work, so hoping there is a solution out there someone like I (think: knows how to bold text in html... and can successfully mail merge... but the magic stops there!) could handle?

Thanks for your help in advance. Of course, if this/I is a lost cause, you can always send donations instead... ;)

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hi Kris2!

Thanks for getting in touch however just to confirm, unfortunately as you mention, at present subscription-based autoresponders will only trigger an autoresponder once, and so will not trigger an email each time an individual's email address is 'added' to a list.

As a result, to achieve this kind of functionality, you may indeed need to utilise the API unfortunately. What you could perhaps do is create two lists (List A and List B), and add an autoresponder to each one.

You would start by adding individuals to List A, however before they are added, you'd first just want to fire off a a Getting a subscribers's details API call, to double-check whether the individual in question is already part of the this list. If they are not already within the list, then add them (which will then trigger the autoresponder in question) however if your API call returns their existing details, then instead add them to List B, which will then send them the List B autoresponder instead.

Alternatively, you could simply set up a single list, and again, use the API to double-check whether the individual is already part of the list, and if so, unsubscribe them, then resubscribe them, ensuring "Resubscribe" is true, and "QueueSubscriptionBasedAutoResponders" is true, and this should kick off a new autoresponder to them as a result.

Not an ideal solution by any means I know, and so as a result, I've gone ahead and have added your vote for this feature, and so if this is something we're able to make available in the near future, we'll be sure to follow up and let you know!

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