Jump to "top" in long newsletter

I have a long newsletter with the requirement to jump to "top" after reading each section of the newsletter. Currently, the only way to jump back to the TOC is to scroll up - not a good solution. 

Thanks for advice.

Fionnuala Fionnuala, 3 years ago

Hey austinladd!

I'm afraid there isn't an option to add an anchor link to 'return to the top' within the editor, however, I've added your vote to our feature request for this on your behalf - we'll be sure to let you know should anything eventuate.

For now though, you could code them up manually instead - either through source view (simply insert the insert link via the editor e.g. #top, and view the source code to remove the http:// - this may only work for text links, depending on how your template is setup) or "hard code" them into your template code.

Hopefully that solution works for you, however just so you know, anchor links are not the most reliable in email newsletters.

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