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I seem to return to the issue of how Gmail deals with table cell spacing more than anything else, and here I am again!

The full email that I'm working on is here

The orange borders between cells need to be consistent with the outer border.

Here is just a simple test email I put together to confirm what was happening in Gmail.

If possible I want to avoid using cell borders since it results in a double-width line where the cells touch.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey acidproductUK, thanks for posting in the forums!

Managing borders can be tricky and it's always worth testing thoroughly each time as different table structures can cause niggling problems. I have found that the CSS border property is the best way to go for the most part.

You can avoid the double border by setting the border for each side of the cell or turning it off for a specific side. Here is an example of how you could set that up:

border: #ff6f49 solid 3px; border-right:none;

Hope that could work for you! Thanks again :)

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Redferret, 3 years ago

Have you tried border-collapse:collapse;?

Gmail app apologist
acidproductUK acidproductUK, 3 years ago

Sorry for not replying sooner, other jobs got in the way!

Thanks Redferret, border-collapse:collapse did the trick nicely. Even works in Outlook, too.

Thanks Paul, I had thought of doing that, but wanted to avoid something with so many separate classes if possible. Will bear it in mind for other things though!

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