Subscriber Notifications

How do I get subscriber notifications to go to my customer rather than me? I can't seem to see where to change where these emails get sent?

Many thanks


JD JD, 3 years ago

Hi Kay! At the moment, you yourself can only control the subscriber notification emails for your own email address, meaning you can choose what Kay's email is sent, but no others.

To help your customer get the subscriber notifications from the lists that they manage, you'll need to add the as a user to the client account within the 'Client Settings' tab. Then, those the customer will receive the invite to their email address, create their own login information, and can visit the 'Lists & Subscribers' tab in their account to initiate the subscriber notification emails themselves.

I hope that helps Kay, but if you run into any trouble drop us a line!

I realize that this may be more trouble than you were hoping for, and this is only our first iteration of the feature (since it's so new), so I'm happy to add your vote for the ability to add more than just your own email address to the subscriber notifications.

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