Templates for new Canvas editor

I've just watched the video for the Canvas editor and played with customizing one of the "gallery" templates. I notice that if I create a campaign using a Canvas template, I can change the template to a standard template and get the old editor back, so I assume the template markup is different.

As someone who builds custom templates for people for a living, I'm very interested to know if the Canvas template language documentation will be made available to developers so they can create custom Canvas templates. The Canvas editor seems very intuitive and I think some of my clients might like to use it, but with elements that I've designed for them.

dasBIOS, 3 years ago

I agree.Have the similar question(s).

How can I:
1) Create my own custom Canvases?
2) After "designing" the visual and content with Canvas: how can I setup the result so the user/clinet would have the option to select it under the "Saved" and then worked from predesigned & prepopulated email "template"?
Everytime manual "designing" with canvas will be overkill for some of our clients - too many options and possibilities to to make bad and/or inconsistent visual appearance between periodic newsletters

Best regards.

Communic8via, 3 years ago

For all new clients I have within the agency platform, I will not have access to the old style template builder, as they will not have any saved templates.  Will you be developing a canvas builder - so that agencies can design their own templates easily within the platform?

Stephen, 3 years ago

@goatlady, @dasBIOS, @Communic8via:

Thanks so much for your questions regarding custom templates, and while it’s not possible to create custom Canvas templates at present, this is certainly on our radar and is something we’re aiming to make available down the track, so we’ve gone ahead and have recorded your requests for this for now, and will be sure to follow up here and on our blog if we’re able to release this in the near future :)


At present - as with default Template Builder templates - it’s not possible to create Canvas templates which contain pre-populated content, however again, that’s a great suggestion, and so we’ve just gone ahead and have logged this as a feature request also, and will follow up here if it should become available in the near future!

Thanks again and do let us know if you have any other questions or queries here!

angelsmith, 3 years ago

@Stephen A big +1 for wanting to be able to create Canvas templates. The new interface is great, the image upload handling is better, etc.  Getting these to fit the wide range of clients and client branding is just too difficult without being able to dig in to the template itself. Keep me posted.

woodley, 3 years ago

Can you add me to the notify list re: making custom changes to canvas - biggest glitch so far, almost blind - did you not test this with a user group of existing CM customers? I find it hard that you did not consider the fact that we would need to change some custom html elements such as font colour, UI to match client requests (remember the oldie - the client is always right).

They are beautiful designs, but not one of them has made it past client review without them wanting to make some minor changes (mostly to colours).

Appreciate it is a major to give full access but why not have a custom "override" free form field where we can do CSS overrides e.g.
.wrapper {  background-color: green; }
.table.wrapper { background-color: green; }
.button { background:green;}

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