Required field status for custom fields

Hi there,

When grabbing a list details through the API using get_custom_fields(), it seems it is not possible to know if the custom fields of this list are required or not.

Is there a way to know if a custom field has its "required" property set to on or off with the API?


ChrisB ChrisB, 3 years ago

Hi TS,

Yes, the required details are returned when you pull the custom fields for a list. You'll see something like this:

I hope that helps!

TS, 3 years ago

Hi Chris, I have the same type of object returned as you, however, I can't see what is the property that specifically spots if a field is required or not.

For example, I have created a custom field marked as required in the list admin, yet this is what is returned:
[FieldName] => CF Text
[Key] => [CFText]
[DataType] => Text
[FieldOptions] => Array()
[VisibleInPreferenceCenter] => 1

Am I missing something here?

TS, 3 years ago

Anyone one from support?

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