Campaign ID

If I create a campaign through the UI, how do I find out the ID of the campaign to send it via the API. It seems the only way to find the campaign ID is only for SENT campaigns?

madhubabu, 8 years ago

hello snowman...

      this is the problem iam facing from last tendays.

Phil Phil, 8 years ago


At this stage it's not something which is possible through the API, although both your voices have been added to the request queue.

Can you tell us a little more about the situation? Is it something that you'd require often, to create through the interface but send via the API?

Alex D, 8 years ago

The response for a successful campaign created is the ID of that campaign.

I use the PHP class

$result = $cm->campaignCreate( 

echo $result;

$result will be the campaing ID you will need to send the campaign or to get stats on the campaign once its sent.

In my case I just save that to a database for later use..

But yes you should definitely be able to get a list of sent or unsent campaigns along with ID via the API

Alex Duffield - Owner
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