tracking URLs containing @ symbol

I noticed that if the URL added to single line or multi-line text contains the @ symbol it won't be converted to a trackable link.

Google maps, for example:,-117.919,17z

While this issue can be solved by training our content creators to escape special characters, such as %40, there will be times where that may get missed.

Is there a way for Campaign Monitor to automatically escape special characters so clicking on those URLs can be tracked?

Carissa Carissa, 3 years ago

Hey vanjam75, the reason for this is that our software assumes anything with an 'at' symbol is an email address and ignores it since we can't track mailto links. We can definitely make it a little smarter for times like this when an actual URL is being added, so I've added your vote for this.

If that's something we update in the future, we'll be sure to let you know so your team doesn't have to make this extra step. Thank you for being patient with us!

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