Windows Phone and Telephone Numbers

I recently found Windows Phone was messing with phone numbers wrapped with spans. In general several email clients are known for messing with data like phone numbers, but in the case of my Lumia 925 running Windows Phone 8.1, telephone numbers were being broken onto a new line mid way through the telephone number for no reason. WHAAAAT.

Why spans? Well because its a method used to fix phone numbers, dates etc on iOS: … os-devices

Anyway, after some quick messing around I found this as working solution:

<span class="appleLinksBlack" style="color:#000001;">0123&nbsp;456&nbsp;7890</span>

Example is a UK phone number format

Rather than using spaces, using the html entity for non breaking space solves this. It doesn't affect the tap to call action that will be added on arrival in the Inbox so no worries there

Interestingly I found adding:


Directly onto the span, will cause this behaviour, however in some cases even without this attribute it can still happen.

Hope this helps.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

This is epic, jmwhite - thank you so much for sharing! We should really look to update our post on phone numbers in email sometime with these results. Thanks again for contributing!

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