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Hi Guys and Gals

Anyone have any idea what I have done wrong that the email address doesnt get through to the CM system correctly?

the sign up is in the footer I get the error:

Invalid Email Address

Sorry, but the email address you supplied was invalid and needs to be fixed.

Thanks for any help in advance!


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Roger,

Have you double checked all of the details on the form? Like the action and the names of the form elements? If you want feel free to send an email through to support and we'll take a look at the specifics.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
rogermbyrne, 9 years ago

to be honest im a bit of an idiot when it comes to coding if you look at the footer in IE6 there are some big probs ;)

because it's using home grown css to fit it in with the footer I really have no idea which bit is wrong!

Diana Diana, 9 years ago


Your best bet is to send an email in to support asking for help That way we can look at your account and what the subscriber form should be vs. what's on your site.

We can't really help with your CSS issues on the site, but we're happy to take a look at the subscription form and why it's not working.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor

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