Template import choking on one image

Hi folks,

Trying to import an HTML file to our templates and the import is successful, however one of the image paths isn't being parsed properly. It's just leaving the path as /images/etc.

I've had to hard code the CM path in there to get it to work.

No idea what's going on. Here's the template: http://newsletter.cleverpatch.com.au/t/ViewEmail/r/03E86D17DD67D8492540EF23F30FEDED

The image in question is on line 2081 of the template and is called bg-pattern-signoff.gif.

*Also* when I exported this template to edit it, some of the /image/ paths were incorrectly exported as /csimport/. Also, some of the image names were changed to bg-pattern-signoff_18.gif etc, so a number was appended to them. Then when I tried to reimport the template, the importer got upset and told me those images didn't exist.


davidaf davidaf, 3 years ago

Hi Wayde,

That sounds like a right big mess! Can I ask you to send your files (.html and .zip of images) to us at support@campaignmonitor.com  so we can do some testing and see what's going on?
(Sorry to ask you to do more work!)

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plemon94, 2 years ago

We are having the same issues.  On exporting an existing template to make changes, we get the /csimport directory with numbers added to image file names.  I have changed the image names to match the html file and even tried moving all image up into the /images directory, but the path isn't being parsed properly on those moved images.

The odd thing is, if I try to view the "missing" images in a browser by using the full url similar to working images, they are showing up.  Example: https://i7.createsend1.com/ti/r/B0/7AA/1E2/161059/images/share_9.png 
shows up, but in the preview is shows the path as /images/share_9.png - 404 Not Found

This is not the only template this has been happening with, and we need to use them ASAP.

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