Some images not displaying in recurring RSS

We have a weekly recurring RSS mailout that is pulling information from a SharePoint RSS feed.
When previewing or testing the campaign, the images that go through the "feedimageproxy" appear broken and ones that do not, appear just fine.

Not sure how CM determines which images go through which route.

Is it that have they been used in other campaigns previously or included directly within a template at some point?

Any help appreciated.  Many Thanks

JD JD, 3 years ago

Hi Julian!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with an RSS campaign - that does sound strange! We weren't able to find your account, so would you mind emailing us some details here ? We'll take a look and help you get that going. Thanks!

Campaign Monitor Support
JulianSelf, 3 years ago


Further to my post, we sent out the RSS campaign this morning and the images were just fine - so it looks as though it is just a preview / test email issue.

JulianSelf, 3 years ago

Working with Paul is Support we have established that the root cause of the some of the images not being displayed properly in preview / test email is related to the image src url.

Bottom line is that CM encodes this url so it should not be previously encoded.

In my specific example, our RSS encodes the URL so a space had been changed to %20, so when CM then encodes it again that gets changed to %2520 and then doesn't show properly.

As I can't change the RSS feed I am using, I am having to ensure any image filenames that I use in articles that go into the RSS feed are changed by encoding.

Arsae, 2 years ago

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