What happened to the Export template function?

It's gone. This was something we used a lot. Just discovered that it's no longer there. Is it hiding, or what? Please!!!

Jeff (8 years here)

CarolinaE, 3 years ago

Hello there Jeff and thanks for posting in the forums!

Is the template you're trying to export built via our new Canvas editor or our Template Builder?

If the template was built via our new Canvas editor, unfortunately this does not have an export function at the moment. We've kept the ability to export Template Builder templates, so you can export those as you're used to - Templates > Export.

That being said, I've added a vote on your behalf for an export option for Canvas templates, so we'll be sure to keep you updated on any changes here! Thanks so much for bringing this up today.

Thanks again, Jeff! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions - we are happy to help.

agent314 agent314, 3 years ago

Thanks, Caroline... but the bigger issue is that there is NOW, no way to create a new template that is customizable or exportable... I think that's a big problem at the moment.

Jeffrey D Brown
jonathan, 3 years ago

But where is the Template Builder?

It looks to me like you've surreptitiously changed all help docs pointing to the template builder to now point to Canvas.

Now you wouldn't have removed this functionality without telling us, would you. Would you?

JohanL, 3 years ago

+1 to the questions asked above. My agency also use CM's template builder a lot, but have the need for some extra customization. We normally build templates and then export them for some tweaking.

Now this function seems to be removed totally?

maulk, 3 years ago

+1 again to this issue - Exporting templates is a massive draw card to this email platform. I think all experienced users would agree you cannot remove this function!

toimisto, 3 years ago

+1 definitely a deal breaker for us too. Will need to move our clients elsewhere.

Ryno Cronje, 3 years ago

+1 For the export function, please please please we used this function every time and its also a definite deal breaker if we can't export and tweak!

Weezil, 3 years ago

+1 for me too.

virginiac, 3 years ago


Ggy888, 3 years ago

+1 for me too.

blad, 2 years ago

"That being said, I've added a vote on your behalf for an export option for Canvas templates, so we'll be sure to keep you updated on any changes here! Thanks so much for bringing this up today."

Any update on adding the export function for Canvas templates? It seems to be in hot demand by people - not having the function means you effectively have to rewrite a template you like from scratch: not an easy task given the complexity of the styling!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi everyone, we're sorry for all the trouble this has caused. I don't think we communicated well that templates can be exported by using our public email builder, however not within accounts just yet. This is something we're certainly looking into, but I have to admit that we likely won't see changes in the short term. Sorry again for not communicating more about what's happening internally; email builder has been a hot topic and there will be both a range of big and small changes to it this year.

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koniczyla, 2 years ago


lischq, 1 year ago

Is there any news on this feature request? 
Emphatic +1 from me! We used export template pretty often, in order to make small custom adjustments for clients.

stinhambo stinhambo, 9 months ago

Perhaps this might work - create a test campaign with a Canvas designed email and send to your address. Use Litmus Scope Chrome plugin to view the HTML, copy and paste into your editor.

MYCM, 3 months ago

Please tell me Campaign Monitor has an export to HTML option?

Surely we are not supposed to build 2 email templates one in Campaign Monitor for our list and an entire new template in another program for lists of 3rd parties we pay for when we run our campaigns.

This should be standard feature and is a deal breaker for me if not included.

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