Enlist Triple-click on iPad Not Available in iOS 7

Just tried out the Enlist app, pretty slick. But...the instructions for getting back into admin mode require a triple-tap on the iPad home button. That doesn't work on iOS 7 because a double-tap calls up the app switcher. Unless I'm missing something, that can be changed on the iPad and therefore there's no way to get back to admin mode once you've set up Enlist. Other than deleting it and reinstalling?

ChrisB ChrisB, 3 years ago

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out Enlist. In order for the triple tap options to work, you first have to turn on Guided Access. This is a system setting in iOS and can be accessed via Apple's Settings app. The instructions are listed on the document you referred to:


Once you enable that setting, you should be good to go!

thekenshow, 3 years ago

Hi Chris - I did see those instructions but what I was looking for was the padlock button to get back into design mode. Which I found when I reread the instructions. Ahem. Thanks!

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