Delay adding subscriber, etc.

Hi, We have full stack integration tests with campaign monitor to both ensure if the API changes we will know it's broken ASAP.

When recently updating our tests/ruby-gems we noticed our tests no longer work because we cannot "find subscriber" immediately after a "create subscriber" call.

Has this call changed to be asynchronys or have the services just become slower?

Two changes we've made in recent months have been updating our API keys and the ruby gem.

Phil Phil, 3 years ago

Hi sealink,

Processing of subscriptions through the API has been asynchronous for a while now. Under normal conditions processing should be practically instantaneous, however there are some exceptional circumstances from time to time.

The services haven't become slower, but there have been a couple of issues recent where processing was delayed for period of time (up to an hour in some cases) because of a problem we were solving.

The report available at in the "previously" section mentions one such incident ("Campaign reports running behind") which occurred yesterday. That (and other similar issues) could well be responsible for any testing issues you might come across.


Arsae, 2 years ago

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