Fallen out of love with Campaign Monitor - CANVAS!!!!!!

I've used CM for years whilst working for different companies. I'm not a designer but know enough code editing to get me through, but I'm very reliant on using default templates and then editing them to suit company branding.

CM for me was all about simplicity, now with the old template creator gone and replaced with canvas, the simplicity to achieve what I need has gone.

Not having the ability to change even the basic font or button colours to match branding renders the Canvas templates near useless.

I'll have another go with it, but at the moment it looks like I'll be switching to another provider.

Rant over

paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey Jon,

Thank you for posting in the forums, I do understand your frustration here. We are working hard on improving the customisation options with Canvas and we hope that this will help bridge the gap in flexibility between the older Template Builder templates and Canvas. I have added a vote on your behalf to our feature list and we’ll be able to let you know once that is released.

We may be able to help work out some ways you can continue to work with Template Builder templates in your account in the mean time. Feel free to contact support and we can help out.

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PDD2010, 3 years ago

I don't understand?  Are you REALLY saying that you ditched a perfectly good template builder software for something that's totally half baked ???

What's going on?

revvenue revvenue, 3 years ago

I happen to prefer the new Canvas builder =)
It would be nice if the fonts, etc. were more customizable but I'm sure that's to come soon...

blad, 3 years ago

There's nothing 'half-baked' about Canvas if you think about why it's taken the place of the old system. I think it's clear CM are moving away from 'designers' who don't actually modify HTML/CSS etc. in their templates. Under Canvas, you have to make well-thought out changes that require good skills to the underlying HTML/CSS, or put up with the restriction of an relatively unbranded but attractive and well-designed email. There is no half-way house as there was under the old system, and the technical requirements will cut out the tinkerers. It's bound to get some people off-side, but is consistent with meeting the needs of CM's primary market: web developers/designers. Canvas is just the most recent development in this pathway. CM is not a 'resellers tool' (see pricing), or a direct competitor to MC/CC etc. It offers a different proposition to those products (as well it should given it would be very difficult to compete directly). 'The most beautiful emails' is probably part of the value proposition and insisting designers do their part professionally to make this happen is behind the move to Canvas I believe. The old templating system allowed a lot of crappy looking emails to go out under CM's name, I can see why they'd move to discourage this.

PDD2010, 1 year ago

It's been quite a while and I am still not in love with Canvas!

You can't even modify the HTML or view source or upload your own designs as you could with the previous template builder.

I am living with it, but I still prefer the flexibility of the older system.

ox4dboy, 9 months ago

I would love the Canvas editor interface for my custom HTML templates that I create - even if that means learning a new syntax for the Canvas markup.

The biggest pain is buttons. Making a bulletproof button easy to edit for a non-coder is impossible. I've found decent work arounds, such as using aText, but it is not ideal.

Would love Canvas in the Custom Templates

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mantapjaya, 8 months ago

Canvas solves exactly the problems I described above. It’s a visual editor which allows you to select a template, after which you just drag-and-drop the necessary components.

MJ Sidoarjo
PDD2010, 5 months ago

No movement on the main issue - no way to modify source - e.g. add your own markup.

That's a big annoyance.  The only way to do it, is to download the Canvas template, modify and then re-upload as a customised template.....


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