Template thumbnails are missing when defining content

When my client is creating a campaign, no template thumbnails appear for them to choose when they go on to the define content stage.

They get the saved, gallery, import and plain text icons but they are inactive and none of the templates that we created are visible.

In other words, they can only go as far as giving their campaign  a name, subject and from address.

However, when I check on my end, everything seems to be there.

Any ideas!?

CarolinaE, 3 years ago

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us today!

Sorry to hear of your client's troubles. We haven't been experiencing any issues on our side, and certainly want to get the bottom of your client's issue - could you contact us at support@campaignmonitor.com? We'd love to get some more details from you and get this resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!

Arsae, 2 years ago

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