Best reporting platform?


I'm looking to get more detailed reports on my email campaigns (using the Campaign Monitor API).  I've looked at the 'recommended' list on the CM 'Services' page — Lefttronic, Raven etc.  However, it appears that they're just collating information already readily available in the CM front-end (like subscriber numbers; unsubscribes etc.).  I'm after more detail like calculating Open Reach over x period; or working out which users are the most/least active.

Is there an 'off the shelf' solution that anyone would recommend?  Or do I need to develop my own platform that utilises the API?

Thanks in advance for any advice/experiences.

paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey there! Thanks for posting in the forums!

I'm afraid I'm not aware of any integrations that can do quite what you need right now I'm afraid. We are keen to improve the options within the application itself and as such I have added a vote on your behalf for some extra features there.

We may be able to help out with setting up some segments in your account that could help in the mean time. If you could contact support with your account details we can see what we can do!

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