createsend java adding proxy to jersey client


I need to add proxy to jersey client from my network to make a call to add subscribers via createsend java.

I have my own ProxyClientImpl class similar to JerseyClientImpl with proxy added to it.

How can i make use of my ProxyClientImpl while calling add subscriber method.

Phil Phil, 3 years ago

Hi skk,

Have you looked at the source for JerseyClientImpl?

It's all there on Github, so my recommendation is to modify the library as needed and then use your modified library.

And of course we're always interested in improving the library. If you modify it so that custom proxy behaviour like that can be injected, or at least configured via the file, then submit a pull request and we'll see if we can include it!

skk, 3 years ago

Thanks a lot Phil.
About your recommendation to modify library, i was in a impression that i have to use createsend.jar  as is.
Now definitely i will modify the library to pull the custom proxy and keep that posted.

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