What ad-serving platforms work with Campaign Monitor and the web?

I'm currently using http://www.AdZerk.com to serve ads dynamically on a website, and also in a daily email newsletter, which is delivered as HTML via Campaign Monitor. This setup works very well, but unfortunately AdZerk's service is ending shortly.

So I need to replace AdZerk with another ad-serving platform, which allows me to:

- upload a creative/image
- set a click-through URL for the image
- specify a time period when the ad should display

The ad should display on the website during the specified time period, and in the daily email newsletter.

Is anyone successfully serving ads onto the web and their CM HTML newsletters?


Alex I., 3 years ago


I've not tried it with CM but you could try Live Intent: http://www.liveintent.com/

Let me know how you get on with it.

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