2 Column Responsive Template Gap/Stacking appearing (Outlook 2010)

I've having difficulty getting my two column layout to work correctly at certain table heights. When one of the the two columns gets to a certain height a weird gap/split appears between the left column content and the right column gets pushed down below the spilt so that it becomes unaligned.

This only appears to be an issue in Outlook 2010 at certain heights, approximately 1200px down the page but it works fine positioned near the start or end of the template.

I've seen a similar bug with repeating background images where a white gap appears after a certain height but can't figure out a way to resolve this.

Note: my template contains repeating layouts so that the two columns can be positioned at different parts of the emailer.

Stephen, 2 years ago

Hi jacksco,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you're having these Outlook 2010 issues, we feel your pain, I assure you!

This unfortunately sounds like a known Outlook 2007 / 2010 specific bug at present, as these email clients use 'text boundaries', which differ slightly from 'page breaks. Text boundaries are used to separate elements within the web layout for purposes of printing and don't actually output any HTML code.

It seems that within Outlook, text boundaries stretch to a maximum height of 23.7 inches (aprox. 1,790 pixels) before it automatically inserts a partition line and creates a new text boundary. Therefore, because your campaign is quite long, this is just why Outlook may be generating this unwanted space for you here.

Please check out this article by Email on Acid here however, which describes some possible fixes, and do let us know how you go!

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