Gap under images in RSS feed only Outlook 2013 (07 - 11 fine)

Hi I have what looks like a 5 pixel gap underneath some images pulled in via RSS, only in Outlook 2013. Has anybody else had this problem. Any fixes? I have applied this class in the td where the rss image is:

.gapfix { font-size:1px; line-height:0px; mso-line-height-rule:exactly; }

This fixed the issue in Outlook 2007 - 2011.

My images and my td are 119 pixels high. I have tried setting the line-height to that but that creates an even bigger gap!


goatlady goatlady, 2 years ago

Is the image set to display:block?

Also I have found that that the declaration for mso-line-height-rule:exactly works better if it's in FRONT of the line-height declaration, which may or may not help.

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Frederikke Jensen, 2 years ago

Hi thanks for your response. Yes, images are set to display:block; I just tried moving the mso-line-height:exactly but unfortunately it didn't help. Very frustrating!

Frederikke Jensen, 2 years ago

OK fixed by implementing BThies solution from here (Thank you very much BThies!):

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