Email with punctuation separating personalisations


We are trying to set up an autoresponder which will send an email to a subscriber (immediately after they subscribe) welcoming them to the club. The issue we have is that we are signing up multiple people (max 5) on the one email address (using custom fields), so we have decided that we need to send a group welcome message to the email holder containing the 5 or less names but can't figure out how to add punctuation that shows up only if the field is complete.

So what we need is for who has only signed up 3 people (out of a possible 5) to receive a message that says:

Welcome [Member1], [Member2] & [Member3]

rather than

Welcome [Member1] [Member2] [Member3]

We can't just add the punctuation in outside of the fields as we don't know how many of the possible 5 members will sign up and don't want to send an email that says:

Welcome [Member1],,&  (we're using blank fallbacks to get around the empty fields)

Is this possible?


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