New software needs Email templates: designer wanted

Quick take:
We are manufacturing a new communications software that allows to design Print, Email and Web from a single tool. Underlying format of the designs is HTML / CSS / Javascript (even for Print). This software is to be distributed with templates that don't just work, but show the client how it's done right. As internal staff is very busy, and we're still building our knowledge about Emailing 'the right way', we'd like a designer to help us out.

The company, founded in 1993, comes from improvement of transactional communications via print using variable data (database driven). There are offices around the world, and multiple acquisitions were done. Over the years things like workflow automation and basic HTML and e-mail capabilities wre added.
A few years back, looking at the mountain of design tools, workflow tools and others, we decided to build a new product from scratch.

Focused on the future, the weapons of choice were Java, with the communications design done in HTML / CSS / Javascript. There is access to the source, but most tasks can be performed through GUI. The design tool provides live preview of the design, and shows responsiveness when resizing the design tool to help the designer. It also shows the variable data in preview, data dependent images and parts of the e-mails that may be included / omitted for the target the data record is loaded for.

To create the templates, it will certainly be helpful for the designer to get access to a beta version of our software - so we can arrange for that.

The new product is not yet launched, but a beta program is running, and we expect to launch in a few months.

While building the software and experimenting, we found that creating a well-working Email is quite different from designing a web page. It's a specific expertise. Because we are new to this arena, we want to make sure we do it right.

The need:
As our existing customers will generally not have a background in this technology, we want to provide samples, templates and wizards they can work with out of the box. For this reason, the templates have to be of high quality, as they will also be used for (self)training.
Using a wizard, certain template colours or styles may be selectable by the user.

Coordination of creation of the templates is done from The Netherlands at this time, but different time zones can be accommodated. The types of documents vary wildly, and we don't know the end point towards the number of templates. This will also depend on the cooperation.

To summarize:
* High standard template design
* Preference for European region / Netherlands
* Variation of templates needed; from simply letter-type communications, to newsletter, confirmations to quotes and invoices.
* We would like to start on fairly short notic
* There may be an opportunity to get referenced as a designer when partners / clients ask

Contact: dansenf

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