hover classes aren't working in web version

I have a template I've created and the :hover classes don't work at all in the web version of the email. They work when editing the content of the email, but not when viewed in a browser.

blad, 2 years ago

Check your applied .css stylesheet - has it put a space between the element a and the selector? I found SASS/scss is unfortunately converting nested elements involving a and selectors to:

   .article-content a :active {
      color: yellow !important; }

This may works variably in browsers/email clients (eg. doesn't work in Firefox version 32/OSX). The best result is obtained when there is no space between the HTML element a and the selector :active. ie.

   .article-content a:active {
      color: yellow !important; }

I had to manually edit my scss output .css files to fix the selectors (removing the space) to get them working properly.

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