Dynamic Content

Hi all, do you know how many version of email is possible bild in dynamic content?
In the language template, there is an explanation for the 3 version.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi there WebTehnologije    , you can add pretty much unlimited dynamic content statements to your email campaigns - there is no fixed limit, except the number of custom field values you have. Let us know how you go with this :)

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WebTehnologije, 3 years ago

Thanks, this help me.
I have different problem now, i need to define 4 different custom field,and all must be included in each product. Depending on whether it matches one or more of custom field display this product.
custom field1 or custom field2 or custom field3 or custom field 4 display product in email.

Is this possible or not? i do not find example...

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