Check to see if an email address is on a list


Can anyone tell me the fastest method for determining whether an email address is on a specific list?

At the moment, I'm using List/get_active_subscribers - but our lists have 100k+ subscribers, and with the 1,000 entry paging limit, it's taking a long time to run.

Either of these functions would be extremely helpful :

- given an email address and a list ID, return "true" if the email address is subscribed to that list.

- given an email address, return all list ID's the email address is subscribed to.



Phil Phil, 2 years ago

Hi Peter,

The second of those cases does already exist, but it's located in the "clients" section as the "lists for email" endpoint:

It returns all lists belonging to the provided clientID which contain the given email.

A matching method will exist in the clients object in all the major libraries, eg .NET, and Ruby.

Hope that helps.

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