Viewing or formatting problem for outlook2007?

Hi all,

I have done my first campaign and in testing mode have tried sending it to outlook 2007. It appears initially to be great, but as I scroll down I find it has cut off text. It has actually shown the top half of a sentence full of words - I mean the top half of the actual letters and cut them off from that point forward in that table column. It continues to show text on the lefthand column further down, and shows the footer image below that.

If anyone has experienced this or has any ideas how to resolve I would love some help. It is the most basic HTML code for this email, created in Dreamweaver - just a table with some images and text essentially!


PS - Can send a screenshot of what i mean if that would help.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Just for future reference, we helped Lara through support, but the answer was a table cell that had a height set on it. Some email clients were just expanding beyond that, but Outlook2007 was clipping at that height.

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