RSS template with unwanted image in body

Hi I have created a template using RSS feature,

My problem is that the body includes an image and I don't know how to remove this image because I need to include the image with the rssimage tag somewhere else.

Here is my code

    <!--BOF une news -->
    <datarepeater type="rss">
    <layout label="news">
    <table class="news" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
              <td class="image"><rssimage width="200px" /></td>
              <td class="body"><h1><rsstitle tocitem></rsstitle></h1>
            <rssbody paragraphs="1" />
            <p class="readmore"><rssitemlink>[lire la suite]</rssitemlink></p></td>
              <td colspan="2"valign="top"><hr class="separator" /></td>
    <!--EOF une news -->

Here is an image of the rendered news in gmail:

I have used "display:none" to hide the small picture and it is working in some mail clients but it is stupid to include a picture and then remove it.

Any suggestions or ideas?

davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago


If your image is included the description as straight HTML in your feed, you won't be able to control whether or not it's pulled in, unfortunately, and you'll need to use CSS to hide it as you are currently doing.

Without seeing your actual feed, this is only a guess. If you'd like us to check it out, contact us with details such as the feed URL, and the account and template info. :)

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