I'm new to API stuff but could do with some advice...

So... we run all our business through an ecommerce and CRM system called Infusionsoft.

We want to automate the heck out or account creation in Campaign Monitor in the same way that we do in other systems (Membership platforms like Kajabi etc).

In infusionsoft we can create an action set that follows the purchase or opt-in from forms on our website.

Our plan is to have a "Create your own account" form on our website. They can fill out the form, it posts to an Infusionsoft campaign, then we run an HTTP post action (pictured below) that needs to post to Campaign Monitor and set up their account.

Having never done this with CM and not being able to find some instructions here, could anyone help in terms of the link to HTTP post to in CM, the field names and any other advice that might enable us to set up the monthly plans too.

Thanks in advance,



Phil Phil, 3 years ago

Hi Ant,

Thanks for asking this question. My response assumes that when you talk about automated account-creation you mean as Clients within your company's Campaign Monitor account rather than as 100% independent CM accounts.

Based on the screenshot you've presented and my little bit of research around the infusionsoft documentation, i'm not convinced this is going to be possible out-of-the-box without any custom coding. There's a couple of reasons for this:

1. The POST in that campaign builder that you've shown posts standard HTTP name/value pairs, whereas our API endpoint is expecting either JSON or XML data
2. Our API requires Authentication data to be included as one of the HTTP headers, and i can't see a way to add a custom header in that Infusionsoft workflow

Having said that, there will definitely be a way to do what you want to do, it will just involve a bit more custom coding than you would perhaps prefer. The campaign monitor API does provide a way to create clients within your account, so it's achievable:

Beyond that it's hard to recommend a course of action without knowing more about your setup. You spoke of a planned "Create your own account" form on your site. Is that whole site built in Infusionsoft?

One possibility for example is that you build a tiny little independent website, and host it in the cloud somewhere, which does nothing more than accept POSTs from Infusionsoft, and translates them into a call to create a client in Campaign Monitor. There are a number of security implications there, so it would require some care, but it's just an idea.

Kwan123, 2 years ago


I want to grab data from Campaign Monitor and inserting them into Excel using API. I've contacted support and they mentioned that it's totally possible. I know very little but I figured investing time learning this will be beneficial to me in the long run.

I was going through the getting started page and I got as far as "permissions". I've downloaded a "wrapper" (php) and I'm lost.

The data I want to use are:

Date of Campaign sent

Total Emails Sent

Emails opened
- Contact email address
- Contact Full Name
- Open Count

Clicked Through
- Which link is clicked
- Full name of who clicked
- # of Unique clicks
- # of Total clicks.

Soft Bounces
- Contact email address
- Contact Full Name

Hard Bounces
- Contact email address
- Contact Full Name

- Contact email address
- Contact Full Name

Any advice on where (how) I should go from here would be great!



blad, 2 years ago

Hi Kwan123
What you're doing is certainly possible, and the best place to look is in the API documentation. You'll need to settle on a language you want to use (my preference is definitely PHP, but you can use the API libraries for C#, Perl, Ruby etc too if you want to).
If you don't have experience in using APIs in any of these languages, then you'll need to first upskill yourself with basic API usage - people on the CM site can't really help here - it will be up to you. After reading the API doc, downloading the API library you can get coding - presumably you're using an IDE that lets you debug (very important when using the API: I use NetBeans with PHP to do this). You'll need to do some work first and see how you go - it's unlikely anyone's going to just post an answer to question so broad.
PS. It's a while since I've used the API, so not sure how easy it is to get the bounce/clicked through info, but the CM object model is very logical and thorough, so if you can see it on a screen in CM, I'm confident you can get the data via an API.

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