Unlinked images clickable in GMail?

I'm building up an email where an image isn't linking to anywhere but is still clickable in GMail, Clicking the image puts it into focus and grays the background around it (as if you were clicking on an attachment) and gives you the option to download it. I've never seen this happen before, and the image directly above it that also is not linked doesn't do this. Example of the code being used in a cell:

<img src="img1" width="xx" height="xx" border="0" alt="not clickable" style="display: block;">
<img src="img2" width="xx" height="xx" border="0" alt="clickable" style="display: block;">

I've also tried putting them in different rows but the same  Anyone else see this before? Any advice?


davidaf davidaf, 3 years ago

Hi Dadxer,

Well what do you know, I just tested this myself and am getting the same thing. The difference between whether or not it's downloadable seems to be size - larger images seem to be downloadable, whereas smaller images are not. I don't know what the exact criteria are, but I'm seeing the same thing. Looks like this was announced on September 30 - see https://plus.google.com/+Gmail/posts/PecHHjPkgiF so it is fairly new. :)

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dadxer, 3 years ago

Hah, weird. Yeah I was wondering if it was something I'd missed in the past as I scoured my own personal email for examples from other sites with no success but there you go. Is it tied to file size or the width/height?

As a temporary work around I made the image the background image for the cell as well, and set the image within the cell to display to none !important so it would still render in Outlook, but if it's a size issue slicing it up is probably the more ideal route.

davidaf davidaf, 3 years ago


From what I could tell it was width/height but you might find more accurate results with more structured testing.

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