Question re: Deleting lists and Campaign Reports

Hi, we're in the process of some serious List housecleaning, which will involve deleting a lot of lists that are largely redundant and migrating the data to fewer lists with better use of custom fields to segment our recipients.

However, we want to be sure that we don't inadvertently spoil our reporting and analytics by deleting lists.  So the question is:

If we delete a List, will the act of deleting the list have any effect on reports for campaigns that were sent to that list?

Thanks in advance for the response!

davidaf davidaf, 3 years ago


Congratulations on cleaning your lists! This is a great way to save money and if you also work on removing unengaged subscribers you'll find your deliverability can dramatically improve as well!

When you delete a list, the campaign reports themselves will be unaffected. Data that you will lose is individual subscriber history, and original sign up dates for the subscribers on the lists that are deleted, but you'll still be able to get all the standard data from the reports.

I do hope that helps. Let me know if this brings up any more questions that we can answer! :)

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