Dynamic repeater content removed on edit

Hi,We have made a CMS where a user can bundle articles which get inserted into a repeater layout multiline looking as followed:

    <layout label="Articles Layout">
          <multiline label="Articles content"></multiline>

Everything works and upon campaign creation the template looks fine, but when the user goes into CaMo campaign edit and tries to edit some other content within the template, other multilines and such, and creates a new preview the repeater content is completely removed.

Screenshots below:
Screenshot showing the article content: http://i.imgur.com/6hIFu6M.png
Screenshot showing editable fields in the template: http://i.imgur.com/8yo9ko7.png
Screenshot showing preview afterwards: http://i.imgur.com/kyP2iWg.png

As you can see the articles are thrown out and it's back to just the empty template in the end. The placeholders you see are below the articles normally. Am I missing something here or?

Thanks for reading,

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