Segment idea: Hasn't opened the last X campaigns

I'd like to suggest the option to create a segment filter that lets you filter like this:

- Hasn't opened the last X campaigns
- Hasn't opened a campaign in the past X months/years

balthazar balthazar, 2 years ago

Hey there! I couldn't agree with you more that those would be super useful rules to be able to use with segments! Some other folks have requested them as well and I've gone ahead and added a vote on your behalf. I really hope we'll be able to add that functionality in the near future!

SGi, 2 years ago

Yes, I would also love to see this. At the moment I have a 'Ultimate Opener' segment that I manually add each new campaign to - which obviously misses out those people that haven't opened just one of them.

Being able to find and remove people that never open an email despite having a valid address will be so helpful when cleaning up large databases :)

MrAnalogy, 2 years ago

GREAT idea!

FLJessiHD, 1 year ago

Please add this feature. It is a huge help with keeping a list clean from inactive subscribers. The ones who sign up just for a  contest and then never open or click on a campaign.

Choosing each campaign individually is a waste of time and even then there are times when a contact may have interacted with a campaign from many months ago but is no longer interacting. Since you are a company that focuses mostly on small businesses it would make sense to have a feature that would save time for your clients.

ox4dboy, 1 year ago

+1, would love this type of query and many others like it.

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