One for the wish list? Auto emails based on click throughs

One of my clients is raving about how good this would be!

It's the facility to send out a follow up email message based whenever a subscriber clicks on a specific link.
The theory being if user has clicked through he's now a warm lead.

Is this the stuff of a madman's dreams or could it have potential?
Also, not sure if it would cause potential can-Spam or other legal issues?


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the suggestion! This is one we see from time to time and I've added you as a vote in favor of it. It's certainly something we'll take under consideration for future improvements.

You'd likely have to be careful about concerns from your subscribers though. I can certainly see some people being unhappy getting emails like that or thinking that you're tracking their activity to such detail. It might be just in how you deal with it though. I'd love to see some other takes on it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
vince, 9 years ago

Indeed, many of us would like both MM and CM to have this feature.
The post by jdotstill is very comprehensive as to some of the uses here:

SmartMeetings, 9 years ago

We would also like to see a feature like this.

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